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Don't waste another minute without your new Highlands dentist.

October 4, 2016

No matter who you are, you will benefit from having regular check ups for your teeth. We eat all sorts of food that can put stress on our teeth, particularly the delectable ingredient called sugar that we find in oh so many of the items that we love. Getting regular check Highlands dentistups and cleanings so that you can annihilate plaque in your mouth is imperative for excellent dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene helps your overall health, comfort and possibly even with your interactions with other people. Riverfront Dental offers services within general dentistry such as cleanings, TMJ and bite therapy, bridges, crowns, sealants, fluoride treatment, and periodontal treatment.

Have you ever noticed when you are watching the television there are four different types of commercials that dominate: cars and trucks, insurance (goes hand in hand, doesn't it?), food and finally, cosmetics. We are living in a material world, my friend, and so people are constantly seeking out ways to feel great about themselves be that having a great car with great insurance, eating extremely tasty food or looking simply amazing. Something deeply personal to each of us are our smiles and so it makes sense that people are constantly trying to find out ways to ensure their smiles are looking amazing. That is why so many people eagerly seek out excellent and experienced cosmetic dentists. However, there are many dental offices out there who boast they are the best in the industry, but these exclamations are more of a hollow marketing ploy than an actual fact. Finding a cosmetic dentist to trust doesn't necessarily have to be a gamble, in fact, when you choose the right one you will be a big winner. That is why so many people are flocking to the cosmetic dentistry department at Riverfront Dental in Denver, CO.

In addition to all of this, they will help you get your teeth straightened. But you don't have to worry about all the metal brackets. All you have to do is use Invisalign which is a great way to straighten your teeth without people seeing the process in and of itself. More and more people are turning to Invisalign as a viable option in getting their teeth straightened. Backed by many dentists, Invisalign is a safe and effective means of getting the smile that you have always wanted. Through a series of simple molds, your dentist can help you achieve that straight smile in as little time as possible. It is also minimal pain as the adjustments are made gradually throughout time. You can ease into the retainers if you would like to and so you won't have to sit around wishing you should massage your teeth and gums. Beauty is pain after all!

So don't waste another second and call the Highlands dentist that you just can't live without. Be sure to call in and get regular check-ups. It's a really great way to make sure you are taking the best care of yourself that you could possibly imagine.



The Invisalign Treatment Process

July 20, 2016

You may have heard of what Invisalign is. They are a special dental device that just like braces can help align any teeth that are crooked and misaligned. But the most noticeable difference between braces and invisalign is how they look. With braces, you are met with metal brackets and metal wire which stay in your mouth for the whole treatment period, but with invisalign you get some clear and invisible aligners that can be removed whenever desired. Invisalign is more costly compared to braces, but many people are looking to get them because they look more discreet that braces and quite convenient too. Let’s go through the treatment process of Invisalign.

clear aligner

The first step involves going to a dentist that offers invisalign. Make sure you select the right dentist for the job and set an appointment when you are available. Make sure that you will be comfortable with this person, because you will have to share your thoughts and experiences throughout the treatment and he will be the one working to get your teeth all aligned properly. You will undergo a consultation with this dentist and he will give you a proper understanding on invisalign and talk about why you want it and a number of other stuff.

The dentist will then map out your teeth through some x rays, pictures, and he will also take impressions of your teeth. Once your teeth are properly mapped out, a 3D image will be made. The dentist will look at this 3D image panning through it so that he can come up with the right treatment plan for you. This plan will involve how your teeth are going to be moved which will also tell him how long the whole treatment process is going to be. Using some software, the dentist can then show you how he plans your tooth movement.

The dentist will then evaluate the treatment plan he has presented to you, and along with the 3D image of your teeth, he can be able to make some clear aligners that are custom fit for you. These clear aligners are made of plastic that will feel smooth and comfortable in your mouth. In addition to that, you won’t get any irritation from the aligners like how some patients with braces do. For them to take effect, they have to be worn throughout most of the day only to be taken off whenever you eat or brush your teeth.

Now during the treatment, you are not limited to only one set of aligners, they will have to be changed every two weeks. The new aligners have a slight difference compared to the old one. The shape of the aligners are designed in such a way that they slowly help move your teeth into the right position. Remember that you should still visit your dentist, around every six weeks which is not as often with braces.

Once the entire treatment period is over, rejoice! Your teeth are now in their proper alignment and you can smile with even more confidence now.

Fix annoying problems with a cosmetic dentist

March 16, 2016

We all have something about our smile that we wish was just a little bit different. For some people, the coffee/wine drinking or the smoking has caused their teeth to not be as shiny and white as they want their teeth to be. For others, there might be a gap in the middle of two teeth or they might have a tooth that is chipped or discolored or facing any number of other potential problems. The thing is, you don’t have to live with these kinds of problems. The field of cosmetic dentistry with professional dental offices like Riverfront Dental have made it so that most of these problems that people fear that they just have to live with, can in fact be taken care of pretty quickly and pretty easily. Of course everyone’s smile is different and no two situations or problems are ever exactly alike but in fact almost all of these problems can be solved quickly and probably pretty easily as well with a little bit of help from a cosmetic dentistry office like Riverfront Dental in Denver. They have years of experience helping people with all sorts of different issues or difficulties create a smile that they will truly love and be proud of. They can help you with everything from the incredibly simple like a teeth whitening session which can even be prepared in the dentist office and then taken home and used in the privacy and comfort of your own home, all of the way up to the slightly more complicated procedures such as adding veneers to the fronts of your teeth or aesthetic gum re-contouring.

dentist You might think that getting procedures like this done at your local cosmetic dentists office would be expensive or difficult but in fact all of these procedures and everything else that they can do at the cosmetic dentistry office have become far easier in the recent years than they were in the past. The technology that is at the disposal of cosmetic dentists has vastly improved and because of that push, you can now have this kind of dental work done quicker and easier than ever. There is no reason to feel that you are stuck with a smile that you are not happy with. If you have a smile that you think could be improved on, the best thing that you can do is to call Riverfront Dental or, if you are not in the Denver area, to find a cosmetic dentist in your town that you can meet with. You can tell the cosmetic dentist what kinds of problems you are having and they can help you come up with a plan that can help bring your smile to it’s full and beautiful look that you have been hoping for. When you are able to talk to the cosmetic dentist and get a better idea of what you would actually need to do in order to fix your smile, you can make a much better decision on if the procedure is the right step for you or not.


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